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Dr. Tom Kleine is an Associate and Specialist Engineer in Golder Associates' Seattle office. Tom's specialty is in blast design and the prediction of blast performance in fractured rock. He is responsible for the design and evaluation of blasting programs, vibration control, and damage avoidance. He has developed a suite of blast design and assessment programs.

Tom has worked in engineering computing since 1979, earning first his Masters degree in 1983 and PhD degree in 1988 for numerical simulations of process plants (MSc) and blasting (PhD). He was awarded the international Roca Medal in 1991 for his PhD thesis. His diverse computing experience includes developing: a robust "edutainment" mining simulation game for 'World Expo 88' (which had to work unattended 24/7 for six months); equipment monitoring software (signal analysis); three-dimensional engineering design software; image based size analysis; blast simulators; and enterprise level information systems for the US Department of Energy. He has also worked in underground and surface mines in the course of his research. He is currently responsible for managing and leading the Web/database development team at Golder Associates Inc. who as a team develop and support web based applications for public and private organizations.

His relevant programming skills include: Visual Basic, VBScript, Active Server Pages (ASP), ADO/RDO, VBA, JavaScript, Microsoft Access, Transact-SQL, and HTML. System level experience includes: Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, MS SQL Server, and utilities such as IIS and MTS.