Tarik Hadj-Hamou

Tarik Hadj-Hamou

Ph.D., P.E.

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Dr. Tarik Hadj-Hamou is currently Principal, Manager Waste and Geotechnical Services for SLR International Corporation. Dr. Hadj-Hamou received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Stanford University in 1983 and joined Tulane University in New Orleans. There he and his colleague became involved with geosynthetics working on practical research projects with the New Orleans District of U.S. Corps of Engineers (USCOE), which was looking at ways to raise the earthen levees protecting existing or new communities along the Mississippi River. The work related to instrumentation and modeling of the performance of geosynthetics reinforced levees lead to the attribution by the Transportation Research Board of the 1990 K.B. Woods award for the paper "Field Test of a Geotextile Reinforced Levee."

Since then, Dr. Hadj-Hamou has accumulated 25 years of experience at over 50 projects in Europe, Asia, and the Americas involving geosynthetics in engineering projects. Projects have included design; installation monitoring; performance evaluation; and forensic analyses for liner and cover systems, secondary containment, slopes and embankments, transportation projects, hydraulic structures, and other applications. He has developeded, designed, and monitored installation of geogrids, geotextile, geocomposite, geocomposite clay liners, geocells, and flexible geomembranes. He has worked with most types of flexible geomembrane, namely HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, and bituminous geomembranes.

Dr. Hadj-Hamou is author of numerous papers discussing the selection and use of geosynthetics in engineering applications.