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Dr. Sean Shafiee


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Sean completed his PhD in Mining Engineering with a focus on Mineral Economics and applied Real Option Valuation in mining projects through CRCMining at The University of Queensland. He has worked as an industrial consultant for Peabody Energy, Rio Tinto and Xstrata in Project Valuation and Mineral Price Modelling. He has also been actively involved in running short courses for ‘Mining Project Evaluation'. Sean completed an internship with InfoMine USA generating Australian coal cost models and comparing data from Australian coal mines to those in the USA. He has experience with the CostMine models and methodology. Sean has also published more than 15 Journal and Conference papers.

In June 2010, Sean joined JKTech as General Manager of R2Mining where he was strongly involved in the development of the CostMine Australasian business. This was a joint venture between JKTech and InfoMine.