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Scott Stebbins

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Mr. Stebbins is licensed in Washington State, USA, as a professional mining engineer. For thirty years his work has focused on estimating the costs and determining the economic viability of almost every facet of proposed mineral development projects.

He began his career at the U.S. Bureau of Mines in 1980, where he was involved in the various aspects of mineral property evaluation. In 1990 he resigned from the Bureau and went to work for Western Mine Engineering, Inc. (now InfoMine USA, Inc.). While there, he specialized in cost model development and equipment operating costs determination. In 1995, he founded Aventurine Engineering, Inc., as a platform from which to develop and market cost-estimating and economic-evaluation software. In addition to software development, Mr. Stebbins has worked consistently since leaving the Bureau of Mines as a mine and mineral processing cost estimator and consultant with over 100 project evaluations to his credit.

Most recently, he was tasked with writing the chapters on both surface and underground mine cost estimating for the upcoming release of the 3rd edition of the Society of Mining Engineer's Mining Engineering Handbook.