Sarah Gordon

Sarah Gordon

PhD, BSc (hons), CIRM, FGS

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Dr. Sarah Gordon has a BSc (hons) in Earth Sciences from the University of Glasgow, UK, and a PhD from Imperial College London, UK. She also has qualifications in risk management and health and safety. Having been lucky enough to have worked in several roles within the mining sector, from exploration geologist, through to Head of Assurance for Africa (Safety & Sustainable Development), she saw the opportunity to understand and leverage best practise risk management across different disciplines as well as across sectors, and founded the risk management company, Satarla Ltd, in 2014. Satarla enables practical and accessible risk management techniques to be shared and tested across sectors, building a portfolio of best practice and expertise.

Dr. Gordon is an honorary visiting lecturer at Imperial College London (the Royal School of Mines), a Trustee and Head of the External Relations and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Geological Society London, and an accredited trainer with the Institute of Risk Management. Sarah was also voted as being one of the top 10 inspirational women in mining in 2016.