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Samuel A. Bamberg


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Dr. Bamberg is an internationally known biologist and ecologist with 30 years experience in environmental consulting related to resource development. He has worked in environmental studies and permitting for all types of resource utilization including mining for metals, coal, uranium, and industrial minerals; and in development for industrial, commercial, and residential sites; has specialized in reclamation in extreme and arid environments; has been active in the hazardous waste management field assessing the health risks and environmental effects of chemical and radioactive contaminants. He has been an expert witness at public hearings, and provided information in court proceedings. Dr. Bamberg has published more than 30 technical papers on ecology and ecosystem analysis in journals and periodicals. He has presented technical papers and chaired sessions at professional meetings. Dr. Bamberg has degrees in ecology, geology, and soils with an emphasis on soil, substrate, and vegetation relationships from University of Tennessee, Colorado, and California (Davis). He resides in Colorado, where he does consulting.