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Mr. King received a Bachelor of Applied Science (2005) in geological engineering from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He joined Piteau Associates in Vancouver in 2005 and has more than 8 years of practical experience working on numerous rock mechanics projects in Canada, the USA, Peru, Argentina, and Burkina Faso. Mr. King has been involved in a variety of geotechnical feasibility and optimization-level open pit slope design projects. His areas of expertise include analysis of laboratory testing and geotechnical/geomechanical data, rock mass strength assessments, photogrammetric mapping, structural fabric model development, bench and interramp kinematic assessments, slope monitoring data analysis, and detailed 2D/3D limit equilibrium assessments of overall slope stability. Mr. King is involved in the development of in-house software and utilities related to kinematic analyses, slope deformation monitoring, and general data analysis. His field experience includes use of the Ballmark, ACE, and clay imprint core orientation methods, instrumentation installations, and detailed surface geotechnical mapping and photogrammetry techniques.