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Sourcing, Selecting, and Securing Talent

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Luciano is an entrepreneurial leader and senior HR professional specializing in understanding organizational strategic objectives and providing operational, mission-driven solutions. The scope of his experience is largely concentrated in the manufacturing, technology and service sectors.

His work has been with large multinational corporations and small to medium sized organizations wishing to grow through the use of effective workforce (HR) practices. He operationalizes HR practices that allow execution of strategy through talent by driving employee engagement and retention. Luciano focuses on success through the use of data, metrics and KPIs. His collaborative communication style bridges the gap between strategy and execution.

Luciano was an adjunct instructor in the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia (undergrad and MBA) for 10 years. He has assisted several organizations recognized in the "Top 50 Companies to work for in Canada." Luciano supports the work of several not-for-profit organizations in his community.