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Julian Houlding

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Julian Houlding is Director, COO and CTO of InfoMine Inc.. He oversees worldwide operations and technology from InfoMine head office in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada. He has worked with InfoMine since 2001 and has served on the board of InfoMine since 2004. Julian’s business experience and training with InfoMine have provided a good understanding of the global resource industry, investment and finance. He oversees much of the product and service development for the mining industry, and plays a strategic role in the marketing and sales to mining companies and suppliers worldwide.

Julian has a natural strength in operations and logistics, and has a keen desire to innovate and improve. His engineering background provides the solid foundation for strategic and iterative business development. He has been involved with website and ecommerce architecture and development since the mid 90s.

Born and raised just outside of Durban in South Africa, he transferred to Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) in 1995 to complete his Bachelors in Engineering. Julian grew up with software, programming and the Internet, and eventually graduated in 2001 with an engineering degree after working with several technology oriented companies in Vancouver, Canada, including Lynx GeoSystems (mine modeling), Dynapro (manufacturing automation), Motorola (cellular communications), Starvision (medical imaging) and Tantalus (ecommerce). Julian completed his thesis with distinction in robotics while working for Siemens in Munich, Germany.

Specialties: mining markets, mining information, business development, corporate operations, training, finance, investment, management, leadership, strategic planning, decision making, communication, organizing, project management, facilitation, budgeting, purchasing, innovation, information systems, internet marketing, online search, web systems, ecommerce, systems architecture, software development