James Archibald

James Archibald

Ph.D., P.Eng.

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Professor Archibald's research activities include in-situ stress measurement studies requiring extensive field analysis and computer modelling of stress parameter data determined underground. His research interests also include the study of backfill physical properties for frozen, radioactive and composite materials, as well as the effects of membrane barrier substances in restricting diffusion flow of radon gas into mine occupational environments. He is currently involved in major investigative efforts for mining industry and government sponsored research groups dealing with development of innovative ground support techniques and procedures for the mitigation of environmental hazards associated with acid mine drainage. His principal research presently concentrates upon design of spray-on coatings, the utilization of total mill waste for in-situ support, replacement of cement binder materials in backfill using ground landfill waste glass and the application of spray polyurethane coatings for reducing acid mine drainage from surface tailings storage sites.