Jacques Nantel

Jacques Nantel

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Author Information

Jacques Nantel (P. Eng) has been involved with the mining industry for more than 35 years in various capacities including responsibilities in mine operations, engineering, management, university teaching, research and consulting.

His experience covers several fields ranging from underground mining and development, mine design and feasibility, ground support and mine backfill, radiation in mines, electrical explosives, mine equipment, mine automation and mining and environmental research.

Throughout his career he has held a variety of positions of increasing responsibilities from miner, to chief mine engineer, to mine superintendent, to university professor at Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada, to director of mining research at Noranda Inc., to mining consultant.

His experience covers a broad range of areas in the research and consulting fields. A few areas of activities include: testing and evaluation of backfill materials for suitability as underground mine fill; design of backfill materials; work of frozen backfill for mines located in zones of permafrost; evaluation of backfill material for uranium mines; investigation of slag backfill; design of fill bulkheads and fences; instrumentation and monitoring for backfill systems; review and reporting on a number of mine fatalities involving mine backfills and other materials; development of a novel blasting method using electricity to replace chemical explosives; use of automated mining equipment to remove human operators from dangerous situations and to streamline the mining process.

Jacques Nantel is the author of several papers on mine backfill and a co-author of the textbook entitled Fill Technology in Underground Metalliferous Mines published in 1979.