Jacek Scibek

Jacek Scibek

M.Sc., B.Sc.

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Jacek Scibek, M.Sc., B.Sc., is a Hydrogeologist with specialisation in physical hydrogeology and numerical modeling. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Geography & Earth Sciences from the Simon Fraser University and a Master of Science degree in Hydrogeology from Simon Fraser University. He has participated in numerous research projects related to hydrogeology and hydrology, and holds a certificate in spatial information systems. His M.Sc., work included characterisation and numerical modeling of two regional surficial aquifers, including groundwater-surface water interactions and climate change impact assessment with use of GIS and spatial analysis. At SRK, Jacek has participated in mining-related groundwater data analysis and numerical modeling assessments for both underground and open pit mines, as well as groundwater supply projects, field sampling of multi port wells and packer testing.