Dr. Deanna Kemp

Dr. Deanna Kemp

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As Deputy Director at CSRM, Deanna leads an international program of work and research focused on community relations and development practice in mining. She has an interest in drivers that lead to improved social performance and industry responses to development challenges. As part of her work, Deanna engages with industry, government, civil society groups and mine-affected communities through research, social performance evaluation, advisory work, and training and education.

Prior to joining CSRM in 2006, Deanna held senior positions within the mining industry. She worked in corporate and operational roles within BHP Billiton. She also worked as an independent social assessor for a number of global resources companies and has collaborated with non-government organisations, including Oxfam Australia, on industry-related campaigns and capacity building programs. She has published a range of journal articles, book chapters and discussion papers which are listed on the CSRM website.