David Kratochvil

David Kratochvil

MEng, PhD, PEng

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Advanced Mine Water Management and Treatment

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Dr. David Kratochvil is a chemical engineer with over 20 years of experience in water treatment in the mining industry. In the last 15 years David directly managed several projects from bench scale testing through permitting, engineering, construction, all the way to the ongoing operation at mine sites around the world. Several of these projects were delivered under the Build-Own-Operate business model and David was responsible for overseeing the wastewater treatment plant operation in the end. This experience helped David gain valuable insight into the Life Cycle Cost of water treatment in the mining industry. David is currently serving as the President & Chief Executive Officer at BioteQ Environmental Technologies. Since joining the company, David has been instrumental in bringing several technologies to market and developing new innovative processes for sulfate and selenium removal. He is a registered Professional Engineer in British Columbia and received a PhD from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, and BioEngineering from McGill University in Montreal.