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A graduate of Civil Engineering (1962) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bish came to Canada in 1967. He has been involved in mining over 40 years, initially working in design projects with consultants. He spent 25 years with the Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC), where he worked in different areas related to engineering, operation and administration.

Bish's exposure to quality management began during the early Eighties, when IOC introduced statistical process control at its operations and provided training on Deming's philosophy to improve its competitive position. Bish participated in many quality improvement initiatives and had hands-on experience in facilitating teamwork and participation. His interests in this area and involvement with CIM have enabled him to network with many professionals engaged in quality management functions in the Canadian mining industry.

In 2002, Bish and associates founded LabMag Mining Corp. to develop the vast iron resources in the Labrador Trough. LMC later incorporated in New Millennium Iron Corp. (NML), a publicly traded company. Bish continued his association with NML until 2015. He is currently based in Montreal and acting as an independent consultant, specializing in project management, quality management and business development. His activities in the quality management area involve organizational redesign, fostering and managing cultural changes, and facilitating continuous improvement of costs and quality.